Disneyland Proposal


DIS Veteran
Mar 28, 2011
If he can quietly let them know, they will actually buffer the boats--send an empty boat, then the couple in their own boat, then another empty boat--and then stop at the arches while it plays "A Whole New World" so he can propose. We were the boat behind the back buffer boat a few years ago when it was happening, so they quietly explained why we were waiting. Same ride, they stopped for the fireworks. That a a heck of proposal--a dedicated boat, a love song, and fireworks afterward, still on their own boat :)
That’s pretty awesome.

OP - you should do this!


DIS Veteran
Dec 31, 2013
I’m not sure if you’re wanting to keep it more private or right out in front of everyone. If your going for somewhat private, I would think about the back trail through/over Grizzly River Run. Not a lot of people use that trail, so it’s never crowded. And there’s a spot where you can stop right next to a waterfall. It’s really pretty.

I definitely wouldn’t do it in front of the castle though. Everyone does that. David from the Fresh Baked vlog was even joking recently that so many people propose there, they should have a queue for the couples waiting their turn.

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  • haileymarie92

    Jun 28, 2015
    If she loves Tangled, inside the Animation Building May work but you’d have to time it right. The large screens in there rotate different disney songs and when it gets to Tangled it plays “now that I see you” with every screen showing lanterns drifting up and it’s beautiful.
    or if she likes cars, there’s an area past flos that’s usually pretty dead that makes for some great photos if you can get a friend or a photo pass person to snap some while you ask



    Mar 16, 2014
    If she loves Cars it may be cool to try to propose when they do the neon lighting in Carsland. Its done at sunset and they play the "shaboom" song. I always look up the sunset times for Anaheim to get an idea of the timing and try to hang out in the area a bit before.
    Yes! I was going to suggest "shaboom" and give her the ring. If she likes Cars, that's classic!
    All of this! The neon coming on and the magic and nostalgia of this song... incredible. Plus she will likely be distracted by the neon and the music and the people watching and you can surprise her!


    Jul 23, 2012
    Maybe during the WOC Dessert Party or F! (do the BB dining package!)? There are "Tangled" scenes in both of those shows. In Cars Land, on Luigi's might be fun since you'd be in your own private car for 2. There is usually a PP CM in front of the Cars Land billboard and on Rte. 66 if you want photos of your proposal -- ask the photographer while you pretend to be looking for your PP card.


    Collector of Mickey Merch
    Mar 21, 2008
    And when I say "in front of the castle," I mean go get in the photopass photographer line to take pics in front of the castle...take a couple of standard photos...and then get down on 1 knee and propose...and the photographer will capture the whole thing. Whisper quietly to him/her just before you take photos, of course, to give him/her a heads up.
    Wherever you do it, have a Photopass photographer there. I think Snow White's Grotto is a great place to do so. When I was there a few years back, in July, the Grotto was quiet, it was just the family and the photographer.
  • theluckyrabbit

    Jul 23, 2012


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