March Wish Challenge Let it Go or some of us are sick of snow


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May 19, 2011
QOTD: Well, sometimes looking at MFP and seeing the calories remaining stopped me from eating something unhealthy. Like tonight--I don't have a lot of calories to play with, and I want something unhealthy (pretty much anything at this point!), but instead I made myself hot cocoa. And now I'm chewing gum! I logged everything, and most of the month was ugly! That has to count for something. I made sure I did some type of physical activity every day.

Today I was super productive in the morning, and then by 10:30 I was done. Sloth mode again for a few hours before I decided this was ridiculous and got moving! Need to do housecleaning tomorrow since I didn't do enough today. I hate housework! Perhaps that's why I was a sloth. I also like to procrastinate!


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Nov 1, 2013
Thursday QOTD

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The Power of Three

In looking back thru March, it seems that many of us struggled.
But surely, there are things going right even when it looks/feels like everything is going sideways.
What are three things you did right this month,
to support yourself and
your healthy living goals?

1. I maintained same weight
2. Average daily steps 15300
3. Towards the end of the month my tracking improved

I will work on 3 more next month
  • Oneanne

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    Apr 21, 2014
    End of week and end of month check-in:

    Woot woot! I'm at 97.6 miles... 5755 steps to go to get my 100 miles! I should hit that during the day today.
    I'm also going to report 100% success on doing Soul Work.
    By alas, I've only been able to lose the two pounds that I had put back on, so no movement here.

    And it's Friday - yay! No big plans for the weekend: tonight and tomorrow I'll do all my household chores so there's nothing that needs to be done Sunday and the house is nice and sparkly for the holiday. No family gathering for Easter, but I'm planning on taking a walk in the morning at a local park that's down on the water. Then I think I'm going to spend a great deal of time cutting paper, which I haven't done since taking the class.

    edited to add: 12:30pm and I have my 100 miles!

    Happy Easter or Happy Sunday or Happy Spring... whichever one fits you best!

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    Nov 30, 2013
    Not much to report this month other than I have lost some weight. I am not going outside without my sunglasses on today-wind protection in this case. Trust me my hair has a bunch of bands in it so it's not getting tangled. Loved the movie hate it for my hair-which is not as long as Repunzles but still past my waist-also mine is not blonde. Hopefully next week since my dry skin rash is finally healed I can start hitting the pool a couple times a week. I might have figured out what is going on that 10 year old is not sleeping and have a solution that could easily be worked out fairly quickly and within our budget. Then hopefully mama will get more sleep.

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