Plane Ride Ideas for a 2 yr old


Earning My Ears
Oct 20, 2000
We had a bad plane experience when we went to disney with our daughter then 15mos. I tried to be prepared with toys, food, stuff to suck on etc. We even used her own seat and used her car seat. She cried both ways at the top of her lungs for the first 1/2hr. Now we are crazy enough to try a trip again with her just turning 2 before our trip. I wanted to see if any of you have ideas to make the plane ride more enjoyable for all. My fear is that she will just want to run around and not be confined in a seat! I think she is in her "terrible twos." I wish we could plan a trip around her nap time but it just didn't happen (departing at 8am! and returning at 11am!.) Any ideas would be most appreciated!


Earning My Ears
Dec 15, 1999
My DS turned two only two days before our trip in May. I was also worried about him on the plane. The biggest problem we had was that he wouldn't stay in his seat. We didn't have a carseat but we paid for his own airline seat. After takeoff, he wanted to sit in my lap. He didn't run around the plane, however. I had brought activity books and toys but he wasn't really interested in them. I had brought snack foods and his sippy cup. I was surprised that he never fell asleep, because it was during his nap time. On the way home, he was also well behaved.

Now he's almost 3 and we're leaving tomorrow and I'm hoping he'll act the same. I don't know, though, he's at that tantrum stage so we'll see.


Earning My Ears
Mar 6, 2001
Our kids flew when young, never had a crying or disruption problem with either of them. Adults chew gum, swallow et. al. With kids our pediatrician suggested that we give them a regular children's dose of Dimetapp. I don't know if it was a placebo for the adults or not, but it seemed to have a beneficial effect on the kids. We still did all the activities like coloring, wings and other amusements to keep them busy in their seat. :eek:

  • BelleBeautyandtheBeast

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    Dec 29, 2000
    I flew from Ohio to Florida whith my son when he was about 16 months old and he screamed the entire time both ways, nothing made the kid happy. I was brave enough to attempt this flight again :eek: a few days after his 2nd birthday (add his 5 month old sister :eek: ). Let me say that the 2nd trip went MUCH smoother than the first. He started to get a little cranky and asked me to take off his shoes & socks (I did) and he fell asleep! My suggestions are to bring good snacks that are more like a treat (cookies) and special new toys. Buy several cheap toys at a $1 or discount store, stickers are also great! My daughters personal favorite is peek-a-boo books. Little toddler size books with flaps that lift up so you can see what is hiding. During our Jan. trip my youngest was about 15 months old and these books kept her entertained!

    Good luck and I hope you have a nice peaceful plane ride :)

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    Jan 25, 2001
    I definitly agree that bringing new toys and books is a good idea. I did that with my kids, ages 4 and 2, and they liked the newness and novelty of the books and toys I brought. You don't have to get anything expensive, I just got some small toys and about 5 new paperback books, and it really kept them busy. :)


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    Aug 18, 1999
    I've flown to WDW 5 times with my 3 year old and we are flying down again this weekend.

    This is what I do:

    We always purchase a seat for her and she rides in her carseat - no questions asked. I guess she assumes since she can't get out of her carseat in the car, she can't get out on the plane either. We also try to keep our getting up/down to a minimum so she doesn't think walking around the plane is something she is missing out on.

    Before boarding I give her a dosage of Children's Sudafed (per her pediatrician). This helps with the ear pain and a bonus is that is makes her drowsy.

    I bring small books, a coloring book, a small box of crayons, stickers, a small blanket, snacks, juice in a sippy cup, and for emergency use - M&Ms.

    Our typical flight is 3 hours (non-stop). She usually eats a little something as soon as we board. I put her blanket on her and snuggle with her a bit and she is typically asleep within an hour or so of departure. She usually sleeps an hour or so, wakes up, we play a little and its time to land.

    We usually take a 7:30 am flight down, so we leave the house around 5 or so in the morning. By 8 or so, she is usually ready for a little catnap.



    Earning My Ears
    Sep 25, 1999
    I have flown with our 3 kids at that age before. Last December our dd was 2 for the plane ride to WDW.

    Here is what works for us;

    Car seat - do not let them get out (no different than riding in a car).

    Give them a dose of Dimetapp (as per your doctor). Their little ears need extra help many times, and it doesn't harm them.

    Bring her blanket, favorite toy and pack a surprise bag with new toys (colors, books, toy phone, **Fisher Price Oreo cookie game - this kept her happy in December, etc). Give them out one at a time, or keep an extra in your bag for an emergency outburst.

    Pack Tootsie Pops - our dd loved these whenever she got upset (pack a wet rag in a baggie for the mess though LOL!).

    Snacks/drink - new ones and some that are favorites.

    Good luck and have fun!!
  • vcunning

    Mar 9, 2001
    A friend of ours has used this idea . . . If you have a video camera with a screen . . . record your favorite video (Clifford, the Big Red Dog in our case) and play that on the plane.

    Also, for those of you that have laptops, many of the new ones will play DVDs.

    We are trying this out in 3 weeks


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    Sep 21, 2000
    Our DD will be 2.3 our next trip in May (her 3rd trip). This time around we will be bringing her (full-size)Magna-Doodle as it is her favorite toy and keeps her occupied for quite some time. I will also purchase a couple of new flap books for the ride. I will also be bringing along some markers/crayons and a pad of paper. We will also be bringing the usual juice & snacks.

    Hope you have a pleasant flight!

    P.S. Our DD cried a lot on the way home last trip. It was her nap time and she just wouldn't settle down. (We also buy her a seat and bring the car seat)


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