Rise of the Resistance standby only for now- share thoughts and experiences

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Dec 16, 2008
it's only standby for now so you can ride it as many times as you want, as to what people might do, it's a toss up. RotR will continue to be THE most popular and hard to ride attraction at DHS, but people might split between RotR and MMRR
If RotR is your priority I would rope drop that and then you can check wait times through out the day to see if you are willing to wait and ride it again'CM have setup the queue with social distancing in mind and the markers start at the entrance to the land, snakes inside the proper Rise queue then they have a door that opens into the overflow queue for Muppets 3D and then back in, total time expected is an hour and a half, this is what the CM were told yesterday in training. Rise also has those pesky technical problems
We won't really know the wait times until a full first week of operations
Hmm, does that mean they will be re-theming the Muppets overflow queue? Will we see a big mural of Kermit force-choking Fozzie or something along those lines?
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