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    There are a limited number of accessible rooms, and they may not be close to each other.
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    No idea. If you look at the POP layout link I provided above, quick calculations will show there are fewer than* 200 out of 2,880 accessible rooms. That's less than seven percent. Per the ADA, new construction is required to have 2% of the first 1,000 then one of every 100 over that as accessible.

    Sheraton Vistana isn't new, and while Sheraton is reputable and caring, it's unlikely they exceed the new requirements. Potentially, having been constructed prior to 2014, they may not even meet these requirements yet still be compliant https://www.ada.gov/hsurvey.htm (scroll pretty far down - resembles, but is not, the parking space and hearing room charts.)

    You need two accessible units. You want three. Two is more reasonable, especially when your nanny can come to the accessible unit where all your daughters' equipment already is.

    *added after recalculation
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    Great links, baler31! So the wheelchairjimmy site is limited but informative. To help give the OP a slight idea of accessible room availability:
    Wyndham Bonnet Creek has 400 total units; ten (2.5%) are accessible, five (1.25%) have roll in showers.
    Gaylord Palms does not have suites, but it has 1,416 rooms; 96 (6.77%) are accessible, 19 (1.34%) of those have roll in showers.
    Art of Animation: 58/1984 accessible rooms (2.92%), with 19 roll in showers (0.9%)
    Coronado Springs: 51/1968 accessible rooms (2.59%) with, according to the wheelchairjimmy site, all 51 having roll in showers
    WDW Swan: 23/258 accessible rooms (8.9%) with seven roll in showers (2.7%)
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    It's going to be hard to find two accessible rooms near each other - they are spread out (as per ADA regulations) and book quickly. I'd suggest a suite if you can book one now.

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