How long did it take to find a contract for you?

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by mernin, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. brookmey

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    Jun 27, 2009
    I've been looking on and off for about a year. We weren't in a big rush, so it was easy to be patient. In early November last year I found an OKW contract that was perfect. The resort we wanted, the UY, reasonably priced, and it was loaded. Offer was accepted right away but we lost it in ROFR. About 2 weeks before Christmas I found a SSR contract that was even better, same UY and also loaded, but more points and a cheaper price. Passed ROFR just before Christmas.

    We were pretty lucky that we found another contract so quickly after losing the first. We didn't mind switching resorts since the contract length at SSR is longer. We wanted OKW because the rooms are the biggest and that's where my parents and my brother own, but since we got more points for less money and a longer expiration date, we're happy.

    Now I'm looking for a BRV contract, but that's turning out to be way more difficult. Again, not in a rush, but if we can't get a BRV contract by October of next year, we're thinking we'll just buy CCV. We really want to own at Wilderness Lodge. Hopefully we'll start seeing CCV on the resale market next year but if not, we may just end up buying direct.
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  2. gillep

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    Oct 12, 2009
    We have been casually looking at resale BCV contracts for years, once we finally decided to go for it in February it only took a couple days to find a contract that would work for us, and our seller was easy to negotiate with.

    We were pretty flexible though, we go to Disney enough that we were willing to take pretty much any use year, and are confident that we can make it work. We also wanted 125-150 pts but took a contract with 160 pts, because it had a good price, and we knew that we could use the points. I am very glad that we took the contract we did, and didn't wait for an ideal contract, as there is a lot less inventory now, and I don't think we could have gotten as good of a price, or would have closed in time to plan our Fall 2018 trip.
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  3. MaoriWhoLovesDisney

    MaoriWhoLovesDisney All you gotta do is JUUUUUUUMP!! DVC Gold

    Jul 24, 2017
    We have been very casually looking for about the past eight months. We took the family for the first time last year, on rented points, and vastly preferred the situation to our usual accommodations...the villas are just amazing!

    We were on every email list, and finally pulled the trigger after emailing a broker directly (Fidelity). We decided to start putting in offers if we found a good contract - we weren’t picky about UY, more concerned with location and point range. We also weren’t really concerned with fully/loaded/stripped. Fidelity got back to us with a perfect contract (it hadn’t been listed yet) and our offer was accepted. ROFR passed on it on the 7th. We’re now waiting on ROFR for our BCV contract (almost exact same situation)

    I’ve been handling most of the “shopping,” but DW and I talked a lot about all the possible details, so if a contract came up we could jump on it with minimal back and forth. The contracts were very well priced, so we gave full-ask.

    I would DEFINITELY make a connection with an actual broker instead of just relying on their email blasts - YMMV, but Fidelity has been SUPER proactive about letting us know of contracts that fit what we were looking for. I don’t know how long closing, etc. will take, but up to this point we’ve had a great experience with our broker.
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  4. mernin

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    Apr 11, 2011
    Thanks everyone for your experiences. Prices seem to be s but higher lately and I haven't seen a bunch of contracts on the smaller side (looking for around 100pts at AKV) lately. I've signed up with some brokers and will stalk their sites as well with my fingers crossed.
  5. prouddaddycdn

    prouddaddycdn Earning My Ears

    Apr 5, 2017
    Well we officially passed ROFR on 8/21/17 after submitting on 8/7/17!

    We have fallen quite down the rabbit hole since putting in our offer for DVC resale as we are currently vacationing in WDW and have since also bought 75 points new at Poly this week since my wife loves the resort and we also bought annual passes along with tables of wonderland card etc. Will have over 510 points to use in 2018 so really looking forward to things.

    Hope to check out Top of the World lounge tomorrow night

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