ID bands for kids


Earning My Ears
Aug 30, 2019
I’m a bit more confident in the goodness of guests and prefer the “find a mommy” approach. As soon as you know you are lost, stay put and find a mommy to call your memorized phone number or to get a CM. Make sure not to go far because parents will be looking in the area everyone was last together and if someone tries to hurt you, yell.
My daughter is almost 6, and we've been talking a lot about what she should do if we get separated. I've told her NOT to go looking for me, just find a cast member - I think I'll tell her that if she can't find a cast member she should look for a mommy. She has our phone number memorized, but I may add it to her somehow, too, in case she's totally panicked and forgets. I'm carrying a bright yellow crossbody bag - if she doesn't remember anything else I'm wearing she'll at least be able to remember it!


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